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Right hand rule to get the resultant direction for the force do the following. The hard drive memory in your computer, the speaker in your radio, the starter in your car, all use electrom. Summary equations and definitions for classical electromagnetism pdf. Magnetic force on a moving electric charge boundless physics. Right hand rule for charge in a magnetic field ap physics 2. This relation is directionally determined by flemings left hand rule and flemings right hand rule respectively these rules do not determine the magnitude but instead show the direction of any of the three parameters magnetic field, current, force when the direction of. To find the direction of the magnetic field use the right hand rule. The direction of the magnetic force on a moving charge is perpendicular to the plane formed by v and b and follows right hand rule 1 rhr1 as shown. This right hand rule relates magnetic force fb, magnetic field b and velocity v of a moving charge equivalently, current, since current is just moving charge.

The righthand rule is based on the underlying physics that relates magnetic fields and the forces that they exert on moving chargesit just represents an easy. Magnetic fields have neither a beginning nor an end. If you point your pointer finger in the direction the positive charge is moving, and then your middle finger in the direction of the magnetic field, your thumb points in the direction of the magnetic force pushing on the moving charge. From the right hand rule we can see that in the center of the loop the magnetic field points out of the page. Because the force exerted on a moving charge by a magnetic field is perpendicular to both the the velocity of the charge and the direction of the field, making illustrations of these interactions involves using the two symbols on the left to denote movement into or out of the plane of the page. Curled fingers right hand rules thumb fingers curl in direction of. Amperes right hand rule, shown in figure 3, illustrates that a current carrying wire. Flemings left and right hand thumb rules explained electrical4u. Student difficulties with right hand rules in physics nc state. Request pdf visualization tool for 3d relationships and the righthand rule the. Magnetic field in the center of a current loop we have a current, i, going counterclockwise around in a closed loop. We can remember this diagram using the righthand rule.

Free practice questions for ap physics 2 right hand rule for char ge in a magnet ic field. In both flemings left and right hand rules, there is a relation between the magnetic field, the current and force. The magnitude of the force is proportional to q, v, b, and the sine of the angle. If the charge is negative, you should use instead of. Reasons of student difficulties with righthand rules in electromagnetism. Flemings left hand rule and flemings right hand rule. Right hand rule for magnetic field due to a straight wire. Similarly if a conductor is forcefully brought under a magnetic field, there will be an induced current in that conductor. The modern world wouldnt exist today without electromagnets.

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