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A report card is an informative document showing a result of a formative assessment, summative assessment, or evaluation. School and district report card quick facts and glossary dese. He will need continual guidance from home and school throughout the rest of the year. Download the report card pdf playground safety report card national program for playground safety.

Generally, an sea and lea is required by the esea to include on its report card information about public schools related to a wide variety of student and school. It can also be stored to keep track of any achievements or accomplishments which can later be used as a reference. Elementary report card information saratoga springs city school. School report cards identify where a school they are doing in diferent subjects, the is doing well and where it needs. Diabetes report card 2017 pdf icon pdf 5mb diabetes report card is published by the centers for disease control and prevention cdc based on the catalyst to better diabetes care in the patient protection and affordability care act. Districts and schools receive af grades on each of the six components and most of the individual measures. Standards based report cards sbrc a presentation for paterson public schools k. Board attendance anything less than 70% is a 2 or lower. No matter what type of grading system you follow, it should clearly explain a students progress without any confusion. Annual state school report cards pendleton school district. This is a static, printable, pdf version of the official report card. Below are the most current district and individual school report cards from the 20172018 school.

It should present the name of the school, their logo design, and your contact details to establish a sense of formality. State accountability report card accountability ca dept. Key for grades exemplary 5 excellent 4 very good 3 fair 2 dont know not certain 1 poor 0 1. My copd report card my copd action plan instructions.

The report card history contains an exact copy of the same pdf report card that the school would normally print, but instead of printing, the. Below are the current and prior year state report cards provided in english and spanish. The esea requires each state to produce an annual report card that summarizes data of students statewide and disaggregated by student groups. Report card 201718 updated april 2019 pdf report card 201718 updated april 2019 in spanish pdf. A pdf formatted document will appear on your screen. These comments clarify or enhance the standardized descriptors. This link provides information about how to subscribe and unsubscribe to the accountability report card listserv. Welcome to the maryland public schools report card. States and districts are required to publish report cards that show how the state, district, and schools are doing with regard to student achievement and success.

Following are examples of four sets of reportcard descriptors and tips on writing narratives. The 12 essays featured in arctic report card 2019 provide comprehensive. Your childs conference will be focused to include personalized information about your child. To view the report cards for any of the following grades, simply click on the appropriate link below. The third part to a good management plan is called my copd report card and it is outlined in blue.

Playground safety report card national program for. This is a tracking report of how you have been feeling and should be used to help facilitate the discussion with your health care provider. This is where you write specific comments about each students performance. Nppss researchbased report card is an easy to use tool to conduct a safety check. The oregon department of education produces yearly report cards for schools and districts. The second version is the illinois interactive report card or iirc. Guide to 2019 ohio school report cards ohio department of. Report card template for children s is, as the name suggests, for the children. First, the report card employs a scale of descriptors, defined explicitly in terms of standardized criteria within a school district. Report card guidance final pdf us department of education. Diabetes report card diabetes reports and publications. Key components of report cards explained scholastic. Usually, institutions such as schools and companies use this card as a document showing the equivalent grades and performance levels of the students or employees.

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