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To create new geometries from existing features, you may need to create polygons based on lines calculated by other functions. Download germany shapefile free boundary line, polygon. Download free shapefile, shapefile world country borders, canada. Looking for a place to connect with peers and experts.

The source layer to be the line file you wish to convert. You can convert all, or a selection of, the closed polylines in an existing drawing to polygon objects. I have this vector file svg and i would like to know if is there a way i can export convert this image to polylines svg only without arc, besier. Middle points only the middle point of each polyline will be exported. Creating polygons from polylineshelp arcgis desktop. Hi there, im still fairly new to mapinfo so forgive me if this is a basic question. I have a polyline and want to set points for every 100 m. Autocad convert line to polyline simple and easy monde. I have an issue with converting points into a polyline. Click modify tabdesign panelconvert 2d to 3d polylines find. It creates a polygon or polyline for the selected points with the mouse. Following are the boundary line map shapefile of germany are available to download.

A few months back i shared a small tool on mapinfo l that would let you create points from selected polylines or polygons. Autocad 2019 convert lines in a polyline command join. This video explains convert region objects to point objects in mapinfo pro. Question tagged with mapinfo as well as qgis so guess that you have mapinfo available to you. Use the convert 2d to 3d polylines command to convert 2d to 3d polylines. This utility was written by andy dressel, one of the founders of mapinfo corp.

The production points to line or polygon tool allows you to generate a linear or polygon feature from a selected set of points depending on the selected template. In the following article, i will show you how to convert or export shapefile to the dxf format using arcmap. It is a tiny but powerful tool to download high resolution satellite imagery. The plugin will create a new point file which contains all vertices along the line. In gis software such as mapinfo, a layer can only contain the features from one dataset or table. Remove duplicate points the duplicate points created from the vertices of two adjacent polygons will be represented by one point. Convert multipart polygons to a new polyline shapefile summary. May 23, 2017 this is a 19 minute introduction to mapinfo pro. Converting region objects to point objects in mapinfo pro youtube. Polynodeextractor is a mapinfo tool for extracting the x and y coordinates and an optional z value from the node locations of any point, line, polyline, or region object in an open mapinfo table. Continuous thematic shading that interpolate data values between points and. How to extract node coordinates from a polyline or polygon below are the steps for extracting coordinates from nodes within a polyline or polygon using mapinfo professional and a thirdparty mapbasic all2pts. Click the polygon layer dropdown layer and choose the feature class that matches one of the polygons you have selected.

Editing tools for use with mapinfo professionals gis. Converting data between mapinfo and arcgis karl hennermann. To post a message to this group, send email to mapi. The convert polylines to polygon tool allows you to do this using selected lines without deleting the original line features. The join is a unique attribute that represents how the points connect to others. How to automatically create a set of points along a road or. Create start and end points for polylines download code. When you convert a closed polyline, the original polyline is erased and is replaced with a polygon object. How to convert data point into polyline or polygon in mapinfo. We can easily search, download and install this plugin from qgis. Mapinfo for telecom part 3 make table editable, create lines from. Convert multipart polygons to a new polyline shapefile. For this, you can refer to following articles where you can convert. These plugins are available from the online repository.

Add points for every 100 m at polyline qgismapinfo geographic. Merge two or more polygons, points or polyline of shapefile. Do you want to merge features of to combine them into one feature and to maintain its database dbf values along with it. Polyline grips offer some gripspecific options that depend on the grip location vertex or midpoint, the segment type line or arc, and the type of polyline standard, curvefit, or splinefit. Polynodeextractor mapinfo tool rod holcombe structural geology. Extracting node coordinates from a polyline or polygon in. To convert 2d polylines to 3d civil 3d 2019 autodesk. Qgis quantum geographic information system is of the most important for geographers and with the help of this tool i would demonstrate you to merge. Converting cad feature line andor polyline to gis im trying to convert line work i have in autocad civil 3d that contain elevations to arcgis. Extracting node coordinates from a polyline or polygon in mapinfo pro.

Go to tools choose convert all to points tool convert all to points. We are going to use a special software called universal maps downloader. There is a polylinecompleteevent for the drawingmanager, observe it to access the polyline it will be the. Still, im guessing that a fair number of visitors to this site use arcgis, and may not be familiar with some of these. There is a mapbasic tool that you can download in order to achieve. The data must contains easting x, northingy and join. We can add more features and functionality to qgis by installing some python plugins. The togeometry method will provide you with the polyline object. Since this tool changes your data you may wish to save a copy of your table first. Im trying to digitise contours from a scanned map and am using the draw polyline tool but its taking ages to manually click for each node so im wondering, is there a way to click and move your mouse to automatically draw a polyline.

Currently the tool does however not bring over any attributes from the original table. So, first download the sample files for this tutorial. Download free shapefile maps country boundary polygon, rail. Autocad 2019 convert lines in a polyline command join in this video i explain a simple method to convert lines in a single polyline. If you wish to create intermediate points along the line you will need to use an alternate plugin. Converting region objects to point objects in mapinfo pro. Mar 15, 20 converting data between mapinfo and arcgis march 15, 20 july 10, 2015 by karlhennermann, posted in infrastructure our main gis software is arcgis, but we work with other organizations who use mapinfo, and we occasionally receive data from them in mapinfo format, or they ask us to supply data in mapinfo format, for example at the census. Replace all instances of polyline with to modify a polyline once it has been created, use the polylinebuilder class instead. Mapinfo pro we suggest users first make a copy of the region objects table filesave copy as, as the region objects will be removed by converting them to points. When i run point to polyline, i get weird zigzag lines that do go from point to point, but also go out of order. Note that if this option is used the attempt to convert back these points to polygons will produce incorrect result.

How to install and enable mysql importer plugin on qgis 3. I was kindly interested with the mysql importer plugin. You can assign elevations to 3d polylines with the feature line elevation commands. All the y coordinates are having the same value in the exported mapinfo file when viewed in fme data inspector. I have a scan of a component created by an ogp measuring machine which will only output quickly as points but to use it i need to to be a polyline. Add points for every 100 m at polyline qgismapinfo. Use the tool object3d2points3d is does 2d points too despite its name peter horsboll moller. May 17, 2017 this tutorial by nick williams, a mapinfo trainer at acuity training, provides an overview of how to create, edit, and convert features within mapinfo. You also can communicate with ftp services to dynamically download data. Using qgis valmiera mapinfo and other software is also available is there a way to convert a polyline with multiple segments into a single line. The whole goal here is to keep the existing elevation data intact.

Mapinfo tool for extracting the x, y locations of polyline nodes, and. However, if a polygon has multiple parts, this script only converts the first part. Bpoly in this video i explain how to merge lines with a boundary closed area. Add points for every 100 m at polyline qgismapinfo ask question asked 6.

Basically, there are several ways to convert shapefile to dxf format. Turning polyline with multiple segments into one single. Lispbox this blog was initially created for people, who love autolisp routines, as i love it. Converting points to lines or polygonshelp arcgis desktop. This download is more of a code sample, rather than a full fledged tool.

Autocad 2d convert to polyline and region by bpoly command. You would have to modify the tool slightly to make it do so. I have this vector file svg and i would like to know if is there a way i can exportconvert this image to polylines svg only without arc, besier. I am trying to combine the two so that i have a nice polyline with slope values representing gentlemoderatesteep. Trying to convert points to a polyline geonet, the esri. Here in this post you can download germany shapefile free. Creates a point layer with points for the first andor last node for all polylines in a specified input table. Vector data in mapinfo is comprised of points, lines and polygon. Nicks previous tutorial was on thematic mapping with mapinfo and excel.

Polynodeextractor for mapinfo free download and software. A plugin called profile from line appears to do this. Mapinfo can import most data interchange formats and then produce points. One limitation of note is that it does not maintain the original style of the polyline object. Merge two or more polygons, points or polyline of shapefile in qgis. Creates a polygon or polyline from the points selected in the order they appear in.

Converting region objects to point objects in mapinfo pro products affected. How to automatically create a set of points along a road or other line layer in mapinfo pro. Both the whole table and a single selection can be edited. Contribute to sergiobujgpx frompolyline development by creating an account on github. Editing tools for use with mapinfo professionals gis software. Convert all the nodes from the polyline to individual points. Creating and editing features with mapinfo gis lounge.

When you import an excel spreadsheet or a text file into mapinfo, by default this file is readonly. I need to do this as i then need to import the dwg into a gis programme called mapinfo whch doesnt read 3d polylines. To convert polyline objects to polygons autocad map 3d 2017. Jan 20, 2006 i have a dwg of contour information, the contours are 3d polylines, because they are contours the z value is constant all along the line, so there no question what the elevation of the polyline would need to be. It covers basic map navigation, bringing a spreadsheet into mapinfo pro and mapping it. Good morning, is there anybody that can advise if its posible to convert points to a polyline. Open the polyline table if the table is a polygon table, the user can save a copy of it and convert it to polylines via objects convert to polylines go to tools choose convert all to points tool convert all to points select the table and click on start 5.

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