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For 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, bassoon, contrabassoon, 2 horns arr. Debussy preludes book ii richter aldeburgh 67 duration. This significant compilation of 12 preludes represents debussy s mature writing style and is filled with a great diversity of compositional styles. The primary purpose of this study is to examine various ways in which analysis can provide solutions to problems that may arise in the performance of debussys preludes for piano. The music expresses a vast repertoire of emotions, colors and moods. A descriptive analysis of the preludes book 1 of claude debussy page. From 1991 to 1994 he was a guest teacher in analysis of contemporary computer. Claude debussys ce qua vu le vent douest from preludes, book i. Brouillards is the first prelude in debussys second book of preludes and was completed. Claude debussy musician music database radio swiss classic. A descriptive analysis of the preludes book 1 of claude debussy showing 14 of 68 pages in this thesis.

The first book of preludes 1910, twelve in total, proved to be his most successful work for piano. Three years exist between the publication of the first and second book, with the former appearing in 1910. Musical analysis as a technique for performance decisions in. An analysis of debussys preludes book 1 james omalley submitted in partial fulfilment of ma in performance and musicology nui. William wordsworth 17701850 began writing his autobiographical blank verse epic in 1798, working on it intermittently until 1839.

This assignment must be submitted before you can submit your research paper. He then argues that debussys prelude reads this virtual book by making. Music and poetry in mallarme and debussy ubc library open. I did not originally plan to orchestrate all of debussys preludes. A descriptive analysis of the preludes book 1 of claude.

Often in such collaborations, critics assume that the music mimics various aspects of the texts it engages. Biasins study first shows the structural homology between some of debussys preludes for piano and certain poems in montales ossi di seppia, emphasizing the rhythmic qualities of the compositions. Book i establishes wordsworths sense of life as a journey, both literal as the poet leaves the city for his beloved lake district and metaphorical, as. These compositions, while endearing themselves to both pianist and listener, also occupy an important place in musical. Debussys preludes book one, 1910, book two, 19 are historically. Each book was written in a matter of months, at an unusually fast pace for debussy. Book i was written between december 1909 and february 1910, and book ii between the last months of 1912 and early april 19. Introduction to american music 1104 course guide college. Unt theses and dissertations and was provided to unt digital library by the unt libraries. For example, in his analysis of the song soupir, wenk shows all of the digressive.

Chapter 1 introduction analysis can be a valuable tool for the performer who is seeking solutions to performance problems. It is the seventh piece in the composers first book of preludes, written between late 1909 and early 1910. Music appreciation 1100 course guide college of dupage library. This formal analysis leads to an understanding of the respective texts thematic, symbolic, and cultural meaningspecifically, antiheroism as a. Helpful english translations of french terms as well as debussy s performance. Music appreciation 1100 course guide college of dupage. Instead, i argue for a more nuanced paradigm that values both concurrences and antagonisms between the two media, in light of the specific systems of thought characterizing, respectively. Ce qua vu le vent douest is a musical composition by french composer claude debussy. Using a musician that is the subject of your research, you will locate biographical articles, illustrations, musical examples and bibliographic information from this authoritative resource oxford music online. Brouillards brouillards roughly translating as mist, or fog is the first prelude in debussys second book of preludes and was completed at the end of december 1911. They will ask you for your library card number and.

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