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Wave winding posses certain advantages over lap winding. Lap windings has four current paths, the same as the number of the field poles, while the wave windings has only two paths, regardless of the number of poles. Good coil slitting tooling and practices result in good edge quality. Let us discuss on comparison between lap winding and wave winding. In this type of winding the coil side a b progresses forward around the armature to another coil side and goes on successively passing through n and s pole till it returns to a conductor a 1b 1 lying under the. This type of winding is used in dc generators designed for highcurrent applications.

Best recommended book for electrical engineering competitive examinations. It is the place where energy conversion takes place, i. Lap winding simplex and duplex lap winding electrical4u. Coils are laid out in a wave pattern and cross all the poles. The first photo 45deg shows a lap winding while the second photo 0deg shows a distributed winding for sinusoidal wave. The purpose in using one over the other has a lot to do with ease of manufacture and application. Also the software is known as steinberg wavelab, wavelab demo.

This article discusses an overview of the main differences between the lap winding and wave winding. For a given number of poles and armature conductors it gives more emf than that of lap winding. Change in armature resistance when change to wave winding. Armature windings lap and wave windings year 2 youtube. Advantages of wave winding over lap winding electrical. When two adjacent commutator bars make contact with a brush, p2 coils are shorted by the brush in the wave winding.

How to rewind a ac armature 12 slat 24 commutator tooth juicer blender machine. Kodi archive and support file community software vintage software apk msdos cdrom software cdrom software library console living room software sites tucows software library shareware cdroms software capsules compilation cdrom images zx spectrum doom level cd. Armature windings lap and wave windings year 2 duration. The slot on stator core of the threephase motor winding carries stator winding. What is the difference between lap and wave winding. The main advantage of wave winding is requirement of lesser amount of conductor and carbon brushes. This is because the number of parallel path in wave winding is always 2, therefore two carbon brushes are only required. Students are getting 100% satisfaction by online tutors across the globe. Sahejpal pahwa, electrical engineer at pace maker electric 2017present. In lap winding, the successive coils overlap each other. Full text of example calculation for 48 slots and 4 poles. Lap winding lap winding is the winding in which successive coils overlap each other.

The windings are connected to provide several parallel paths for current in the armature. Armature winding can be done as single layer or double layer. In a lap connected winding number of parallel paths are equal to number of poles in. What is the difference between a progressive and a retrogressive wave winding. Machine armature windings the different armature coils in a d. Lap and wave winding dc machines electrical machine 1. Provide three example of software projects that would be amenable to the incremental model. There are kinds of winding way when design a motor,there is a wave winding diagram for example slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This lecture also involves finding the armature resistance of a dc machine when connected in lap winding as well as wave winding. Types of armature winding according to the way of connecting the conductors, dc armature windings are classified as. Difference between lap and wave winding electrical concepts. Now for single layer simplex winding consider the following 24 slots in a dc. In lap winding, the end of the armature coil is connected to the adjacent commutator segment, whereas is wave winding the end of the armature coil is placed in the commutator segment which is placed apart. Most windings process tries to make it easier to automate the insertion of the coils into the slots of the stator.

Lap and wave both are a winding of mainly used in dc machine lap winding the winding which coil turns overlaps one another,called lap winding. Where do we use lap and wave winding practically or in. Here you can get homework help for double layer simplex wave winding, project ideas and tutorials. The motor winding in threephase which is connected in star or delta form based on the type of starting method used. Explanation for differing stator winding orientations. One of the major difference between them is that is in a lap winding the end of each coil are connected to the adjacent segments whereas in the wave winding. Both lap winding and wave winding are found in the use of dc generators. In lap winding, the conductors are joined in such a way that their parallel paths and poles are equal in number.

In lap winding, the coil is lap back to the succeeding coil whereas in the case of the wave winding the coil are connected in the wave shape. Lap and wave winding your working experience is the best. Lap winding is one type of winding with two layers, and it is used in electric machines. Lap winding is the winding in which successive coils overlap each other. Dc machine armature winding the dc armature windings are always of the closed continuous type of double layer lap or wave winding.

Lap winding, wave winding, applications of these windings are also discussed in detail with diagrams. What is the difference between lap winding and wave. I give some basic definition which are needed to understand the concept of armature winding. Hence wave winding is used in high voltage and low current machines. Double layer simplex wave winding winding dc machine. The main difference between lap and wave winding is the manner of connecting the armature winding coil end to the commutator segment.

Founded in 2002 by nobel laureate carl wieman, the phet interactive simulations project at the university of colorado boulder creates free interactive math and science simulations. Lap winding figure from principles of electric machines and power electronics, 2nd edition, p. Difference between lap winding and wave winding of dc. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time i comment. It is named lap winding because it doubles or laps back with its succeeding coils. Lap and wave winding video lecture from dc machines in electrical machine chapter of electrical machine 1 subject for all engineering. The applications of lap winding mainly involve in huge current applications. Every coil in the machine is allied in series with the one nearby coil to it. In a dc machine there are mainly two types winding. These winding connections are two types lap, wave windings wikipedia. Dc motor lap winding progressive vs retrogressive winding. In this type of winding, the connection of the conductors is done in.

In wave windings, the number of parallel paths, a,is always two 2, and there may be two or more brush positions. The latest version of the software can be downloaded for pcs running windows xpvista7810, both 32 and 64bit. Each coil is connected to two commutator segments as shown. Lap windings are also used for applications requiring lower voltages at higher currents, while wave. A lap winding is essentially a closed coil disposed in a relatively small region of the circumference of the machine. The applications of lap winding mainly include low voltage as well as high current. In lap winding the top and bottom coil ends are connected to adjacent commutator segment whereas in wave winding, they are bent in opposite direction and connected to commutator segments which are approximately two pole pitches apart. Resources department of electrical engineering, cet college of. This winding can be supplied with 3phase ac supply. In lap winding,if connection is in started form conductor in slot,then connections overlap each other as winding proceeds till startng point is reached again. Difference between lap winding and wave winding table format.

This download was checked by our builtin antivirus and was rated as safe. This winding is suitable for small generators circuit with voltage rating 500600v. Generally, the armature winding in dc machine is wound by using two techniques and these are also known as types of an armature winding such as lap winding and wave winding. For small machines, the coils are directly wound in the armature slots using automatic winders.

These include poor edge quality, edge burr, edge wave, camber, crossbow, knife marks, and slit width that is out of specification. In this winding all the coils carrying current in the same direction are connected in series i. In armature winding, the conversion of power takes places, i. Armature windings are mainly of two types lap winding and wave winding. The armature winding is the most important part of the rotating machine. In this winding all the pole groups of the coils generating e. Because wave windings have only two parallel paths, this winding is more suited for high. In this video, you will learn about armature windings, lap and wave type of armature windings, equalizer rings and dummy coils. Lap and wave winding engineering tutorials free download.

The old grammering armature,now obselete is shown in figure view a. How to avoid slitin coil slitting problems the fabricator. It may be simplex, duplex or multiplex, and this multiplicity increases the number of parallel paths. In this winding, we connect the end of one coil to the starting of another coil of the same polarity as that of the first coil. Is this motor a good candidate for the wave winding. In a simplex lap winding, the two ends of a coil are connected to adjacent commutator segments. In this winding, we connect the end of one coil to the starting of another. In a simple lap winding of dc motors, if the armature winding is changed from progressive i.

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