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This beginners guide to rugby union product has been developed in the context of the laws applying to accident and injury prevention and medical practice in ireland and the information and guidelines incorporated on these matters are made available strictly on the basis that world rugby does not accept any liability to any. The townsville and district junior rugby league board shall be made. Watch this short video tutorial guide on how to play rugby league. The tackle count will commence after each set play or change of possession. Rugby league contributing to new zealands future pdf. This cheat sheet explains key rugby terms, rugby positions and scoring, and the laws of rugby, as well as listing important tournaments worldwide. As of 1 september 2014, all constituent bodies are permitted to implement the under 11s rules of play set out below on a discretionary basis.

Use these handy pointers to get to grips with some of the basic rules and terminology of the game. Not only is the game played to the laws, but also within the spirit of the laws. Townsville and district junior rugby league board of delegates 1. From nrl the 2018 nrl competition will be adjudicated in accordance with the current rugby league laws of the game, international level, approved by the australian rugby. Points are scored in rugby league on the following basis. News limited v australian rugby league one of the most significant competition law cases was news ltd v australian rugby league1 that arose in 1995 after arl refused news ltds attempt to try and obtain the pay television rights for arl matches. The aim of rugby is to score more points than the opposition. The simple aim of league rugby like most ball sports is to score more points than your opponents do.

The registered address is red hall, red hall lane, leeds, ls17 8nb. Match timekeepers use a loud hooting siren for signalling full time. Rugby league football is played in several countries worldwide. The rugby football league limited is a company registered in england and wales with company number 3845473. The international rules of rugby league an introduction. World rugby laws world rugby s law education web site. A rugby league team consists of players 6 forwards and 7 backs, with matches played over two 40minute halves separated by a 10. We also provide answers to the most asked questions in the rugby faq guide. In rugby league football, the laws of the game are the rules governing how the sport is played. Mark is the point at which a penalty kick or free kick is awarded or a controlled. Two teams of thirteen players battle out drop goals and tries on a field. The team with the ball must move the ball up the field in phases of play. Breaches of the rugby league code of conduct and tough love in league. Section 3 the playerplayers equipment the game shall be played by two teams each consisting of not more than 11 players on the field at any one time.

Rugby league teams field players on the pitch and are allowed four reserves on the bench. Canterbury rugby league incorporated by laws are developed in line with section 3 objects and powers, of the canterbury rugby league incorporated constitution. Rugby league world issue 466 february 2020 download free pdf magazine by clicking the link above all the content is for demonstration only, we do not store the files and after reading you we ask you to buy a printed version of the magazine. Your teammates will not be happy if you are caught offside at a kick in a promising position. You will find a concise list of keywords and phrases in the rugby terminology az section. Modified from the international laws of rugby league and rugby league. Whether its the world cup or a local club game, playing rugby satisfies the soul like nothing else. Free kick is the kick awarded to a team which kicks into touch from a penalty kick. Clubs are responsible for the conduct of their players, parents or carers of players, coaches, officials and club supporters 4. Espn brings you all the latest rugby news and scores from the rugby world cup, all 2015 internationals, aviva premiership, european rugby champions cup, rfu championship, super rugby. The union authorities determinedly defended the concept of amateurism, imposing draconian penalties including life bans on any player who had anything to do with the professional game.

Rugby league rules and regulations matches get monitored by strict officials. Mark is the point at which a penalty kick or free kick is awarded or a scrum is formed. Rugby league school teachers and coaches may find it easier to study the key elements in the pdf rules book. The nrl education, training and research team promoted trials and. The team with the greater number of points at full time is announced as the winner. The nrl education, training and research team promoted trials. Wheelchair rugby league the international laws of the game and notes on the laws section 1 playing field section 2 glossary section 3 ball section 4 player and players equipment section 5 mode of play section 6 scoring section 7 timekeeping section 8 kickoff and drop out section 9 touch and touch ingoal section 10 knockon and forward pass. The laws of rugby are constantly evolving and are the same all over the world, wherever the game is played. Rugby, football game played with an oval ball by two teams of 15 players in rugby union play or players in rugby league play. Rugby league football takes its name from the bodies that split to create a new form of rugby, distinct from that run by the rugby football unions, in britain, australia and new zealand between 1895 and 1908 the first of these, the northern rugby football union, was established in 1895 as a breakaway faction of englands rugby football union rfu. The object of the game is score more points than your opponents in the 80 minute time frame allotted for each rugby match. A try is scored when the ball is grounded over the try line of the opposing team. Our online rugby trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top rugby quizzes. The laws of the game are designed to produce an entertaining and freeflowing contest for possession in an attempt to score the most points.

On this site, you can read the laws, watch video examples and animations to build your understanding of how the laws are applied on the field of play, and take a selftest exam to check your knowledge. Bylaws of canterbury rugby league incorporated 2018 season. D smoke free policy 35 e alcohol and drug free policy 37 f antidiscrimination policy 40 g disciplinary tribunal reference guide 43 h junior rugby league laws under 6 to 12 46. Later renamed the northern rugby football league, it would allow its players to be paid and introduced changes to the laws of the game. The laws of rugby league are managed by the rugby league international. The rapid spread of rugby union throughout many parts of the british empire led to the establishment of the international rugby football board since 1997 the international rugby board.

Rugby league is a fast, physical and hugely enjoyable sport to play. Rugby union is a global game for people of all ages, genders, sizes and abilities with three main formats for all australians to enjoy. The rfl the governing body for rugby league in the uk. The nrl education, training and research team promoted trials and engaged. Controlled restart playthe ball is specific to wheelchair rugby league and replaces a running game scrum. Masters rugby league is a game specifically designed with rules that cater for players who are over 35 years old and no longer wish to play competitively. Rugby league world issue 466 february 2020 download. And, and environment in which to foster a love of rugby league free of any negative adult influences or expectations.

Both rugby union and rugby league have their origins in the style of football played at rugby school in england. A goal cannot be scored from it, nor can ground be gained by kicking into touch on the full. Press releases world rugby sets fouryear blueprint to develop future stars of the emerging unions. Irb in 1886 to determine the laws of the game and settle any disputes that arose between countries. Ball deflated the referee shall blow hisher whistle immediately heshe notices that the size and shape of the ball no longer comply with the laws of the game. Welcome to the world rugby laws of rugby union web site. Obstruction is the illegal act of impending an opponent who does not have. But like all sports, there are rules and laws which every player from schoolboy to international level must follow. Some are very simple, but others can be complicated. The most valuable play is to score a try, which means touching the ball down in the opponents ingoal area or on their goal line. Read the laws of rugby, watch video examples to build your understanding of how the laws are applied on the field of play, and take a selftest exam to check your knowledge.

Ii competition law and restraint of trade a competition law 1. Part of rugby union for dummies cheat sheet uk edition struggling to follow whats happening on the pitch in rugby. They govern the game from positions on and off the pitch. From rugby for dummies, 3rd edition north american edition. World rugby laws world rugbys law education web site. Two centuries later, rugby football has evolved into the worlds second most popular sport, with millions of people playing, watching and enjoying the game. Zero tackle occurs as per the international laws of rugby league glossary pg 7, section 11, pg 25, law 7c. A game of rugby league consists of two halves of 40 minutes, with injury time added on at the end of each half. Doing so is worth five points and earns that team the right to attempt a conversion kick. Constitution of queensland rugby football league limited acn 009 878 0 corporations act a company limited by guarantee revision date. The nswrl tough love in league policy will be implemented across all competitions including open age 4.

Each half begins with a kickoff in between the two halves, there is a 10minute break after which both teams change ends and attack the half they were defending. At the heart of rugby is a unique ethos which it has retained over the years. The laws are the responsibility of the rugby league international federation, and cover the play, officiating, equipment and procedures of the game the laws have undergone significant changes since pioneers of the sport broke away from the rugby football establishment in 1895. The kick is taken 10 metres in from touch opposite the point of entry into touch and the ball may be kicked in any manner in any direction. The vat registration number of the rugby football league limited is 168 8110 49.

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