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Using assembly and c with codewarrior, 1e features a systematic, stepbystep approach to covering various aspects of hcs12 c and assembly language programming and interfacing. Assembly and c programming for the freescale hcs12 microcontroller, second edition, provides a generalpurpose view of software and hardware engineering in microcontroller systems and a comprehensive technical reference for the freescale hcs12 microcontroller. In this instructable you will learn how to communicate between arduinos over a long distance up to 1. Hi guys, i been doing some reading again on the freescale hcs12, and ive taken the plunge into doing some learning with it. High quality and interactive, transpose it in any key, change the tempo. The hcs12 microcontroller hanway huang minnesota state. Codewarrior development studio contains the following set of tools.

Arduino vs microprocessor vs microcontroller electrical. Hcs12 9s12 hardware interfacing, 9s12hcs12 mcu digital io, 9s12hcs12 pin electrical specifications connecting hardware and electrical devices to the freescale 9s12hcs12 mcu digital io pins, protecting digital io pins from excessive voltages and currents, io pin electrical specifications. Freescale s12 and s12x mcus provide highperformance 16bit control for automotive and industrial applications. The hitachi hd44780 is an lcd driving chipset usually driving a 2 line by 16 character display. Because theres no data eeprom, application uses internal flash area 1sector for nvm data.

View or download datasheets, user guides, specifications and block diagrams for the freescale 9s12hcs12 microcontroller, the processor used by the pdq board controller, 68hcs12 mc9s12 9s12 hcs12 hardware software interfacing, freescale mc9s12dp512 mcu datasheets. It is designed to work with freescales codewarrior software under windows and linux. Clock phase and polarity set to match device communicating with 3. The opensource arduino software ide makes it easy to write code and upload it to the board. Readers will learn stepbystep how to program the hcs12 using both assembly and c languages, as well as how to use such development tools as codewarrior, imagecraft icc12, miniide, gnu c, and egnu ide. The umultilink and umultilinkfx are easytouse debug and programming interfaces which allow the pc to communicate with a. Resets on the hc12 introduction to interrupts on the 9s12 huang sections 6. Hcs12 9s12 hardware interfacing, 9s12hcs12 mcu digital i. Arduino is a software development environment and any of several microcontroller boards that the software environment can develop programs for. I was thinking that the experience i have gained with pic asm might have helped.

Davis instruments 6510usb weatherlink usb data logger and software for windows 3. The hcs12 9s12 an introduction to software and hardware. Hcs12 microcontroller embedded systems solution manual. The arduino will collect strings from the serial port and software serial port. When you open arduino ide for the first time, you need to establish the port where the software ought to. This tool suite provides the capabilities required by every engineer in the development cycle. The hc12 is a wireless serial port communication module that is very useful, extremely powerful and easy to use. Then nothing gets updated in the terminal, and i cant enter anything. Codewarrior development studio provides the capabilities required by every engineer in the development cycle, from board bringup to firmware. Using hc12 radio on uno or nano without software serial. An introduction to software and hardware interfacing huang, hanway on. This new book provides a total solution for learning and teaching embedded system design based on the freescale hcs129s12 microcontroller. The s12x mcus feature the innovative xgate module, designed specifically to handle interrupt events without cpu intervention.

Before connecting the dragon12plus2 board to your pcs usb port for the first time, make sure that the ac adapter is unplugged. Refer to the getting started page for installation instructions. Codewarrior development studio for hcs12x microcontrollers v5. A guide to codewarrior development studio for hcs12x. For undergraduatelevel courses in microcontrollers and embedded systems. Iar has had multiple delays with release of update for new s12xx support since nov2002 and now not due till oct2003. Arduino stack exchange is a question and answer site for developers of opensource hardware and software that is compatible with arduino. The hcs12 has improved performance when using new instructions. We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. Learning embedded programming with a proven hardware platform. How to send data over the hc12 rf module using arduino quora. Per datasheet, power hc12 with a supply of at least 100 ma with a 22 uf uf reservoir capacitor. Hcs12 microcontroller and embedded systems using assembly and c with codewarrior. Micro controllers this tutorial discusses when to use a micro processor vs.

This site is dedicated to users of hc12 and hcs12 microcontrollers made by freescale formerly known as motorola semiconductor. An introduction to software and hardware interfacing. The driver for the ft232rl must be installed properly before using the board. Unlike the 68hc11 the processor has 16bit internal data paths. It has room for one cpu module and 3 peripheral modules. Select clock polarity cpol bit of sp0cr1 cpol 0 for clock idle low cpol 1 for clock idle high 4. Connect hc12 rxd pin to arduino digital pin 4 connect hc12 txd pin to arduino digital pin 5 connect hc12 set pin to arduino digital pin 6 do not power over usb.

The text features several examples and sample programs that provide students with. Usbdm is a debugger hardware interface for a range of freescale microcontrollers. Here you can find a large amount of links and resources for this family of 16bit microcontrollers. Getting startet with the hc12 and arduino for wireless communication from banggood duration. Read book hcs12 microcontroller embedded systems solution manual. The environment is written in java and based on processing and other opensource software. Codewarrior development studio for nxp hcs12 x microcontrollers enables engineers to build and deploy hcs12 or hcs12x xgate systems quickly and easily. Codewarrior embedded software development studio is a complete integrated development environment ide that provides a highly visual and automated framework to accelerate development of the most complex embedded applications. Upload code to two arduinos connected to two computers. Currently i use softec indart blazeprogrammer, and it seems it only support mass erase. The feature packed dragon12jr supports arduino shields, and together with a solderless breadboard, its a complete training platform for learning hcs12 programming in university classrooms.

Hcs12 usbbdm debuggerprogrammer for freescale hcs12. Usbdm debugger interface for freescale rs08,hcs08,hcs12. On december 31, people gather around the world to celebrate the hhijos of the new year. We are in the process of having to move forward with new product using 68s12a64. Rent the hcs12 9s12 an introduction to software and hardware interfacing 2nd edition 9781435427426 and save up to 80% on textbook rentals and 90% on used textbooks. Introduction to embedded systems an overview of embedded systems lecture 1 of 17 from ee 260. Connect arduino nano d11 to module rxd again we will use the myserial command software serial connect in module between vcc to gnd 100uf capacitor close as possible to module power pins this will improve performance of the module. Books on 68hc11, 68hc12, 68hc16, 68xxx00 microcontroller programming and design. The tower system is a new development platform from freescale allowing the user to stack a cpu module and multiple peripheral modules on top of each other. Understanding and implementing the hc12 wireless transceiver module november 02, 2016 by mark hughes the hc12 is a 100mw multichannel wireless transceiver you can use in your projects to transmit and receive serial information. More recently basic support for coldfire and kinetis with the codesourcery tool chain or arm ltd gnu tools for arm has been added. Im using the codewarrior ide, with a mc9s12gd128 uc. The dragon12plus2 board comes with a builtin usb interface based on the ft232rl. Isp programmer umultilink and umultilinkfx nxp usa.

Does it matter which microcontroller to use for 1st time embed system programmer. The text features several examples and sample programs that provide students with opportunities to learn by doing. The usbcan analyzer is a costeffective high quality and easy to use usb to can adapter. Regardless of that, the chipset, and hence the driving software remains the same.

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